What we do? It is probably easier to say what we don’t:

We don’t waist your time, we don’t leave projects unfinished, and we don’t have a magic recepie to help you win in a lottery. But what we do do, is to help you get you out there!

So what can we do for you?


If you are looking for a custom made logo, that will include all your business strategy, and personality – you are in the right place. At B3lieve we don’t do copy-cats. We believe that your business is as unusual as you are, and that’s why we are more than happy to study your business, do research and come up with custom solution, that will fit you. And only you.

Its a process that takes longer than a couple hours, but as result you will get full branding that will represent your business. After all, its not just about the logotype. Its not a font you will use. Its the whole communication, and strategy that makes the difference. And we believe that’s the clue to a successful branding.

Would you like to speak to us about your brand? Drop us a line and we will get back to you with a quote >

Web design & development

So you need a website. Seems quite straight forward, you probably already have a domain name, don’t you? But for many of our clients it turned out to be way more complicated than clicking a few buttons. Deciding if you want it to run on CMS system, responsive or not, one pager, blog or maybe an online shop? And all the setting up your database, picking the right server. Seriously – its easy. Even if it doesn’t seem like it at the beginning.

At B3lieve we have a wealth of knowledge with dealing with all sorts of digital solutions. We even designed a few apps :) (which clearly we are well proud off).

We are always happy to explain difficult terms and suggest best solutions to our clients. On top of that, we provide free one-to-one training sessions so you can be sure you know how to use your website.

On top of all that, on all our websites we provide free professional photography service, so your website will benefit from real life photography, rather than stock images (subject to t&c).

If you would like to learn more, or ask a question about your website, drop us a line >

Print Design

At B3lieve design pretty much everything! From brochures & flyers, to media advertisements, POS. Years of commercial experience and dealing with print on day-to-day basis are a great guarantee you will get exactly what you are looking for.On top of that – we can sort your print needs too. With our portfolio of printers (including large format print, creative print and just value printers) we are always keen to advice the printer as well as paper stocks and best medium.

Don’t be shy, drop us a line and we will get back to you with a quote >

Video & Animation

Video animation is what we at B3lieve love the most. For years we all have been passionate about animation and video production. With time, our passion transformed into a great asset of skills. Now, we are proud to offer quirky viral videos and cartoons, that are used as promo videos, and exhibition presentations.

Forget about Powerpoint. Make an impact! And what a better way to tell your business’ story than via animation? You’ve seen it already, didn’t you? Like Dump ways to dye.

Its not only start up companies that use animations. Big brands such as McDonalds, Tesco or multiple charity organisations had their animated campaigns. Yes – they are great to explain they way business is working, but its also a viral aspect that makes them so desirable.

Are you on board? Or do you need a bit more convincing? Click here and let us know your thoughts! >

Product Photography

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